A Guide for Day One

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Log In to Your New Account

  1. Type one of these URLs into your browser address field and then press ENTER on your keyboard:
  1. email.umich.edu for Google Mail
  2. calendar.umich.edu for Google Calendar
  3. docs.umich.edu for Google Docs
  1. This will take you to the U-M Weblogin screen. Enter your uniqname and UMICH password, and click "log in."
  2. Use the Grid Apps Launcher in the upper right of your screen to open additional Google apps.

Set Up Your New U-M Google Calendar

Set Up “My Calendars” and “Other Calendars” (on the left of your calendar page):

  • Review your My Calendar list. These are calendars you own or have the ability to manage and share as a delegate or owner. Click to toggle them on/off in your view.
  • View or add Other Calendars. These are calendars with view only access or those you can edit but for which you are not a full delegate. Add colleagues by typing their name in the box under Other calendars.
  • Change any calendar’s display color using the drop-down list next to the calendar name.

Review Calendar Settings and Labs : 

Note: Use the Options button  by your login ID to access these Calendar Settings and Labs … and more! 
  • Under the General tab you can establish these useful settings. Click Save after making changes.
    • Your current Time Zone
    • Default meeting length
    • Week starts on day
    • Standard working hours
    • Default calendar view
  • Under Calendars you can:
    • Show or hide calendars
    • Manage calendar notification and sharing settings (You can share with other people or MCommunity groups)
    • Create a new calendar (i.e. personal events, unit birthday or vacation schedule, project milestones)
    • Subscribe to other view-only calendars
  • Under Labs, enable add-ons to improve your calendar experience … these are just some of the popular labs. Click Save after making changes. Note: labs are Google beta (test) functions and may not always be available.
    • Gentle Remindersdon’t like the way notifications rudely interrupt what you’re doing? Enable this lab!
    • Hide morning and night: collapses early morning and late evening hours to focus on your day’s events.

Share your calendar free/busy with others

  1. From the drop-down menu next to your primary calendar, select Calendar Settings.
  2. In your calendar Details window, open the Share this Calendar tab. Select Share this calendar with others.
  3. Select Share this calendar with everyone in the organization University of Michigan and set it to See only free/busy.
  4. Click Save. Repeat Step 1 to return to Calendar Settings and then continue with Step 5.
  5. On the Calendar Details tab, in the Calendar Address section, click the HTML button.
  6. In the Calendar Address pop-up, copy the URL shown and then click OK. This is a link to your HTML calendar. 
  7. Provide this link as a reference to others who can’t see your Google Calendar. Try placing it in your email signature:
    I’ve Gone Google! Non-Google users can use this link to view an HTML version of my Google Calendar.

Set Up Your New U-M Google Mailbox

Give your Inbox some personal style:

  • Use the drop-down list next to “Inbox” to try inbox styles including Classic (most recent first), Unread First, and more!
  • Prefer a look that’s Cozy or Compact? How about a more colorful theme? Use the Settings drop-down list to adjust the display density and to find new themes to make your mailbox stand out! (The Google project team likes the High Contrast theme.)

Mail Settings and Labs will fine-tune your mail experience:

Use the Settings drop-down list to access the Mail Settings and Labs below and many more options.

  • Under the General tab you can establish these useful settings. Always remember to click Save Changes
    • Set up your mail signature 
    • Toggle Conversation View on/off 
    • Toggle Snippets on/off (one line mail previews next to the subject line) 
    • Turn on Desktop Notifications

Note: Do not use Google’s Vacation Responder. Use your MCommunity profile to set up your Away/Out of Office messages (instructions here).

  • Under Chat, toggle your Chat area on/off and then click Save Changes. This is your Google IM application.
  • Under Labs, enable “gadgets” to improve your mail experience… these are just a few of many. Remember to click Save Changes after making changes. Note: labs are Google beta (test) functions and may not always be available.
    • Canned Responses: save message text or signatures to reuse later without retyping
    • Preview Paneadds a button to the Inbox to toggle a preview pane on/off
    • Right-side Chat: moves your chat area to the right side
    • Send and Archive: adds this button to the message interface – one button, two actions
    • Signature Tweaks: places your signature directly under your reply, not at the end of the quoted message

Want to Learn More About Google Mail and Calendar?

Looking for basics? Head to the Mail & Calendar page to find what you need to get started.

Ready for more? A link at the bottom of the Mail & Calendar page leads to additional videos and materials and additional resources for Administrative Assistants.

Going (Google) Mobile? 

Find links to Google’s Mobile Device support under Mobile Devices.