Don't Get Spammed

Are you noticing some of your messages are being flagged as Spam (unwanted email)? Google’s spam filters are much more aggressive than in the past. Here’s a few tips to help keep your message out of the Spam label.

Use a Text-only Email Signature

Putting items such as links in your email signature increase the chances of it being flagged as spam. Remote images and hidden text can also make your message look suspicious.

Send Bulk Mail from Another Account or Service

If you publish a newsletter or send a message to many people from your own account, chances are someone receiving that message will mark it as Spam without you knowing. If they mark messages from you as Spam consistently, other messages you send may also be flagged as spam.

Sending bulk mail from a different account, such as a Shared Account, will isolate your uniqname account from these actions. If your distribution is larger than the sending limits or bandwidth limits will allow, consider using ITS’ authenticated SMTP service.

Mark False Positives as Not Spam

If a message is incorrectly sent to your Spam label, make sure to tell Google Mail the message isn't spam. Select the message and click the Not spam button.
Message in Spam folder, selected, and highlighting the Not spam button

Check Your Spam Label

By default, the Spam label is hidden in the Label List. A good way to remember to check your Spam label is to set it to show only if there are new, unread messages in Spam. To make this setting:

  1. From Mail, open Settings.
    Google Mail settings tab with the Settings option highlghted

  2. Click the Labels tab.
    Google mail settings, Labels tab, Spam label highlighted

  3. In line with the Spam label, click show if unread.

    1. Now, anytime a new message is sent to Spam, the label will show up in bold in your label list.
      Google mail label list with the Spam label dispayed, showing 1 unread message