Managing Large Volumes of Email

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the email in your inbox, try some of these tips. Google is constantly changing to improve our mail experience.
  • By enabling and using keyboard shortcuts, you can manage your inbox more quickly than using a mouse.
  • Turning on conversation view arranges the replies and forwards of an email into a threaded "conversation" taking up less space in your inbox. Google Doc
  • The default inbox display groups messages into tabs based on their type.
  • With the Chrome web browser, press Shift+C to compose a new message in a new window (you can also press Shift while clicking on Compose button). Use this to keep open the more urgent messages while cleaning up your inbox. 
  • Set up filters to automatically apply labels to current and incoming messages, even have them bypass the inbox.
  • put together a list of 18 Helpful Tools for Better Gmail Experience. The browser extensions mentioned on the site are NOT covered by our contract with Google and not supported by the U-M Google team, but you may find them helpful.
  • With the canned responses lab, you can save email content, like making an email template, and add it to new messages by selecting it from a drop-down menu.