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Accessibility Issues and Work-Arounds for Read and Write Gold

Read and Write Gold (Mac and Windows) is the learning disability software officially supported by U-M. 

Read and Write Gold software

Read and Write Plugin for Chrome

A Chrome plugin can be downloaded to your personal computer at no charge. After 30 days, the working features will be limited to text-to-speech and translation. The plugin works the same for Windows and Mac versions of Chrome.
  • In Google Docs, you will see the following purple icon shaped like a puzzle piece near the top center of the screen: 

    Clicking on the icon will bring up this toolbar:
    Read and Write toolbar with play, pause, and stop active
        Move your cursor where you want to start reading, then click on the black triangle. Click on the two lines to toggle a reading pause on and off, and the square to stop reading. 

  • In other websites, such as Google Mail, the icon will appear near the top right of the screen:
    Clicking on the icon will bring up this toolbar:
    Alternative Read & Write toolbar with a hover option also active

    Click on the Hover icon (the cloud with the arrow over it on the left side of the toolbar), then position your cursor over the text where you want to start reading. The pause and stop buttons work the same way as for Docs. 
Note that the plugin will not work on all pages.

Updated 7/2016