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Google Calendar Labs Functions

Calendar Labs is a feature of Google Mail that allows users to add functions to their browser-based mail setup. Some of these functions may be used to make Google Mail more accessible or easier to use.

To Open Calendar Labs

  • Open the Settings menu (in the upper left part of the screen; it has a picture of a gear on it)
  • Pull down the menu and choose "Labs."

Some Utilities to Try Out

Note that utilities may be removed without notice.
  • "Hide morning and night" reduces visual clutter by only displaying the times during which you usually make appointments (e.g., the span of hours during which you are attending class).
  • "Automatically declining events" will turn down event invitations for any time span you have blocked out.
  • "Who's my one-on-one with?" automatically adds the name of the person your appointment is with (does not work if your appointment is with more than one person).
  • "Next meeting" adds a small right-hand box that shows you what your next meeting is and how long you have until it starts.


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