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Issues and Work-Arounds for Keyboard Only Access

Google Drive

  • Use up and down arrow keys to move through the list of documents.
  • To restore a document immediately after it has been deleted, press Ctrl-Z (Windows) or
    ⌘-Z (Macintosh). 
  • Use arrow keys to move between the Details and Activity tabs.

Google Documents

  • Use the tab and arrow keys to navigate through the interface for reverting to an older version of a document.
  • When the Table-->Insert Table submenu is pulled down, you can use the Down and Right arrow keys to select cells, and the Up and Left arrow keys to deselect cells. 

Google Calendar

  • Create an event: Toggle the "optional" status of an invited guest by pressing Tab to get to the guest list, pressing the up and down arrow keys to move the focus to the appropriate guest, and pressing the spacebar to change the status. 
  • To edit an existing event, go to the Agenda view, tab to the event, press Enter, then tab to the Edit link. 
  • In the list of Other Calendars, toggle the ability to view a friend's calendar by using the Up or Down arrow key to move focus to the friend's name and then pressing the spacebar.