Extensions, Add-ons, and Labs

There are several ways to personalize and enhance the Google Apps you use everyday. Extensions, Add-ons, and Labs are intended to provide extra features users can access to enhance their browser or Google App.  Please keep in mind that extensions, add-ons and labs are not supported or covered by the Core Services agreement with Google. 

Browser Extensions and Add-ons

Browser extensions and add-ons are small, third-party pieces of software for specific browsers that augment an app or the entire browser. Users install extensions or add-ons themselves from the browser's online store.

Why should I use them?

Extensions and add-ons can enhance a webpage with relevant links and other useful information. Extensions can also add or change functionality, provide extra features for the browser, and change the look and feel.

Add-ons in Google Drive

Add-ons are available tools built by third party developers using Google Apps Scripts to add additional functionality to Google Docs and Sheets. You can install Add-ons right from Google Docs or Sheets and then choose to enable the add-on in only that doc or sheet, all docs and sheets, or none.

Why should I use them?

Add-ons provide more functionality to Google Docs and Sheets. Examples of helpful add-ons could include Track Changes, mail-merge, and writing aid options.


Labs are Google-Delivered, beta-level features that can be enabled from with specific Google Apps such as Mail and Calendar.

Why should I use them?

Labs offer the ability to personalize your Google App experience with several optional enhancements. As these Labs are Google-Delivered, there is no security issue. Users should be aware that Labs are features being tested and may at any time disappear.