Google Voice

Google Voice is a telecommunication service that provides a U.S. phone number and calling within the U.S. and Canada at no charge to the user. For more information see Google Voice. Please note the following important items in regard to this service at U-M:

  • Google Voice is not a replacement for U-M phone service and U-M numbers are not transferable to Voice.
  • You will not be able to add credits to your UMICH Voice account and therefore cannot use for-fee features such as international calling. 
  • Because Google Voice falls outside of the university’s Google Apps for Education agreement, it may not be used to share or maintain any of the university’s sensitive data.
  • This service is not part of the core Google Apps for Education and is covered under Google's Additional Terms of Service. Please review additional Terms of Service below:

Google Additional Terms of Service:

  • Emergency Calls - Google Voice is not capable of placing or receiving emergency service calls and therefore is not acceptable for 911 calls. 
  • Proprietary Rights - Google has the right not to provide calling or connections to any telephone numbers in its sole discretion.
  • Recording Conversations - Google Voice has functionality to enable recording telephone conversations. Google is not responsible for compliance with local laws regarding Google Voice, but instead the End Users accept this responsibility. 
  • Bill PaymentIf staff or faculty choose to forward a university phone number to a Google Voice number, local or long-distance charges will be incurred.
Google has the right to limit or terminate a user's access to Google Voice if they identify a potential violation of any of these items. 

Additional Information: