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Multiple Mini Interview Process

The School of Dentistry Office of Admissions is utilizing Google Apps Script, Google Drive, Google Sites and Google Mail as part of their admissions process, including the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI).

Business Needs/Situation

As part of their day-long campus interview, candidates rotate through ten short one on one interviews, during which the interviewer submits scores and comments.


Previously this was a paper-only data collection process which required time consuming data entry by staff.

Prior Solution

Interview data was collected on paper and then entered to a spreadsheet. Original hard copies were kept for years.


  • During the interviews, an electronic form is available to interviewers. Using tablets, they can record their scores and notes directly, and can be monitored in real-time. Previously, interviewers recorded their notes and scores on paper, which staff had to later input into a spreadsheet.
  • All data is automatically collected and stored on a master Sheet.


School of Dentistry informatics staff configured many of the functions as Google Apps Scripts attached to a Google Sheet. They also used Google Forms for data collection. These Forms were then embedded into Google Sites, maintaining their branding and identity information.


Interviewers use iPads during the interviews to record responses via a Google Form. Responses are compiled in a master Google Sheet. Office of Admissions staff can monitor the sheet and see responses being recorded in real time. Updates to the master sheet are also refreshed in real time to the interviewers form, allowing for adjustments to names or other data during the interview process.


  • Faculty and staff have an easy-to-use interface - iPad app
  • Direct interviewer data entry therefore less chance for data entry errors by staff