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Subscribe to a Room or Resource Calendar

Important Information

To add a coworker's or other person’s calendar to your Other calendars list, you can use the Add a coworker’s calendar field in the list. However, you cannot subscribe to a conference room or other physical resource calendar in the same manner. To add a room or resource calendar to your Other Calendars list, you need to subscribe to it using the Browse Interesting Calendars option.


1. In the Other Calendars list, click the down arrow .

2. Select Browse Interesting Calendars.

Interesting Calendars

3. Click More.

4. Click the arrow  for Resources for

Interesting Calendars

5. Click Subscribe to subscribe to a calendar, or click the arrow 

for a unit or building to open a related list of resources.

Interesting Calendars

6. Click Subscribe to subscribe to a calendar.

Note: You can subscribe to multiple rooms at once by clicking Subscribe for each desired room.

7. Click Back to calendar.