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Message waiting lamp does not extinguish when viewing voice messages in Mail

posted Nov 11, 2015, 9:13 PM by Rita Girardi

As part of the migration to M+Google, some users had their Exchange email and voice mail boxes separated. Because of this separation, some voicemail functionality has changed.

If you are using your M+Google Mail to read or listen to voice mail messages, you will notice that the message waiting indicator lamp does not extinguish. This is because M+Google Mail and Exchange voice mail do not communicate with each other.

To extinguish the message waiting light on your desk phone, log into your Exchange voice mail account via OWA at using your 10-digit phone number and your personal (voice mail) password. Once all messages are not bold, the message waiting light will extinguish.

It is also recommended that you delete the messages (from OWA or through the phone) when done listening, as there is a limit on the mailbox size.

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