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Blackberry Quick Start Set Up

These instructions explain how to setup a Blackberry Device to use University of Michigan Google Apps without an Enterprise Data Plan from the phone provider (Sprint, Verizon, etc…)


  • Your settings may be slightly different depending on the phone and OS your device is running
  • You may be required to enter a username and password to access the email settings on the device. If you are unsure of what this login information is please contact your phone provider
  • With the release of Blackberry 10 OS, you can now setup Blackberrys using activesync connections if you are running the current OS, much like iPhones and Androids. For all other Blackberry devices you can use the setup instructions below.
From the Main Blackberry Screen choose Setup.
  1. Select Email Accounts.
  2. Choose Internet Mail Account.
  3. Choose Other.
  4. For Email Address enter your full address
  5. Scroll down and select Calendar and Contacts if you want to sync them also then choose Continue.
  6. When activation is complete choose OK.
  7. You may be prompted to configure Google Talk at this point, you can either choose to configure it and follow the prompts or just choose Close to finish without configuring Google Talk. Within 20 minutes new mail will start to arrive on the device.