Appointment Slots Update

posted Jan 7, 2013, 10:42 AM by Ryan Vis   [ updated Jan 18, 2013, 8:01 AM by Rita Girardi ]
The following comes from Google Apps for Education re: upcoming changes to Appointment Slots functionality in Calendar:

The decision to sunset Appointment Slots remains unchanged. (Read the previous update.) The Calendar team reviewed feedback and adoption and they decided not to change the original decision. They did decide to give users more time to find alternatives with extending the timing until January 30, 2013 instead of January 4, 2013.

Second, existing appointment slots will continue to work during the whole of 2013, so users will be able to book appointments. Also existing appointment slots will stay editable (for example, change time/date). However, after January 30, 2013 no one will be able to create new appointment slots. In early January 2014 all appointment slots will be converted to normal calendar events.

Here are two workarounds for use case “Office hours of user A”:

  • create Office hours as one event in A’s calendar, and keep a spreadsheet with list of available slots and who takes which slot. One can write “how to book” instructions into event description and attach spreadsheet to the event;
  • create Office hours as one event in A’s calendar, and on event details page in “Show me as” select “Available”. Other users will see this event when look at the A’s calendar, but it won’t appear as busy time for them, so they can simply invite A to events they create.

Finally, here are additional third-party solutions for appointment slots. Please note these are not officially endorsed by Google or the M+Google team and are not supported by the university.