Automated Lists and More in Docs, Slides, and Drawings

posted Oct 9, 2014, 8:35 AM by Jennifer Mruk
Bulleted/numbered list mode will now automatically turn on in Docs, Slides, and Drawings based on what is typed as the first visible character in a paragraph. For example, if you start your paragraph with an asterisk or hyphen followed by a space, it will automatically be turned into a bulleted list without using a shortcut or toolbar/menu button. Type a "1" followed by a space and a numbered list will automatically begin. The automated lists feature is turned on by default, but can be disabled in Tools > Preferences

Coupled with this release, the backspace after any autocorrection will now undo the correction. For example, if a user types a lowercase letter at the beginning of the sentence as in "" and the autocorrect converts the lowercase "l" to an uppercase "L", pressing backspace will immediately revert it back to a lowercase "l".