Daily Bulletin - Pilot 3.0 - Tuesday, April 10

posted Apr 12, 2012, 7:24 PM by Rita Girardi
We will provide daily updates after each major phase of the project until technical issues and support issues return to a moderate level.  Pilot 3.0 (Phase 1 Staff Google Guides and Unit IT Staff, plus some Unit Faculty and Staff) occurred this past weekend.  This email details the pilot activities completed during the second business day of operation.

Pilot Participants
Users migrated/provisioned: 234 / 35
Resources migrated:  2

Migration Update
188 accounts were re-migrated on Monday night to capture the email that did not migrate.  Most users' data had re-migrated by 10:00 am.  All migrations were completed by 5:00 pm except for two very large mailboxes.  The users were notified that it would take a few days to complete the re-migration.  

Support Summary
The number of tickets submitted to the Google Transition Desk are included below:
Tuesday, April 10
  • Access questions: 11
  • Mobile devices: 8
  • Mail client: 2
  • Core services only request: 1
  • General usage: 14
  • Mail re-migration follow-up: 11
Seven of the tickets were escalated to Tier 2 and remain assigned / in progress.  
Four of the tickets were escalated to Tier 3 and have been resolved. The 46 open tickets from Day One have been resolved with the re-migration.

Student Google Guides and Project Team members were on-site at various locations and times on Tuesday:  Administrative Services Building, Duderstadt Center, Hatcher Graduate Library, and Wolverine Tower. Drop-In Sessions were lightly attended.

Since the major open issue from Day One has been resolved, no additional Google Daily Bulletins will be sent out for Pilot 3.0.

U-M Google Project Team (google.umich.edu)