December Monthly Updates

posted Jan 4, 2016, 11:36 AM by MaryBeth Stuenkel

The monthly M+Google Digest informs users about what is happening with Google releases for both Core Apps (Google applications that fall under the Google Apps for Education agreement and do NOT require separate terms of service or privacy policy), as well as the Non-Core Apps (those that are not part of the Google Apps for Education agreement). We will continue to communicate important information on Core Apps throughout the month as well.

Core Apps: Mail, Calendar, Talk/Hangouts, Drive, Sites, and Contacts

Non-Core Apps: Additional applications that are not Core
  • All Tab in Google Search: The 'web' tab on the Google search results page is now the 'All' tab. This change was made to better reflect that Google search results now return more than web pages such as quick answers, facts, images, videos, news, maps, apps, books, and more.

NOTE: Keep in mind that even when non-core apps are found in a core app (like Google Drive), they are not covered by the Google Apps for Education agreement.