Explore in Docs, Sheets and Slides makes work a breeze

posted Oct 13, 2016, 11:05 AM by Eric Fruth

Today Google launches Explore in Docs and Slides (Explore is already available in Sheets). It is designed to bring you insights, design tools, and research recommendations. Explore uses Google smarts to help you create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. It’s like having your own researcher, analyst, and designer.


Explore in Sheets helps you decipher your data, whether you’re new to spreadsheets or a formula pro. Just ask Explore—with words, not formulas—to get answers about your data. You can ask questions like “how many students are registered for chemistry?,” “what are the top three careers by income?,” or “what was the total cost of employee benefits last fiscal year?” Explore in Sheets is available on the web, Android, and iOS.


Explore in Slides helps you polish the design of presentations. As you work, Explore generates design suggestions, based on the content of your slide. Pick a recommendation and apply it with a single click—no cropping, resizing, or reformatting required.


Explore in Docs helps with researching and writing reports. Whether you’re writing about molecular biology or planning your next team lunch, you’ll get suggestions based on the content in your document. It recommends related topics to learn about, images to insert, and more content to check out. You can also find a related document from Drive or search Google in Explore. It is available on Android, iPhone, or the web.  

Explore is gradually rolling out to the UMICH domain over the next week.

Did you know? You can set an expiration date for file access in Drive.

Learn more at the G Suite Learning Center