February Monthly Updates

posted Feb 29, 2016, 11:56 AM by Eric Fruth   [ updated Feb 29, 2016, 11:57 AM ]
The monthly M+Google Digest informs users about what is happening with Google releases for both Core Apps (Google applications that fall under the Google Apps for Education agreement and do NOT require separate terms of service or privacy policy), as well as the Non-Core Apps (those that are not part of the Google Apps for Education agreement). We will continue to communicate important information on Core Apps throughout the month as well. For a list of Core and Non-Core Apps, see the M+Google List of Services page.

Core Apps:

  • Change to default avatar for Google account owners without Google+

    if a Google account owner has not added a photo to his or her account, a custom avatar is shown with that account owner’s given-name initial (two-character given names will be fully displayed). In some cases where initials are not available, a plain colored avatar will be used instead.

  • Two new security features for Gmail
    • Messages sent to, or received from, someone whose email service doesn’t support an encrypted connection (TLS) will see an open lock icon in the message. This lock will not appear when sending mail from one Google-hosted domain to any other, including gmail.com, since those emails are always sent over an encrypted connection. Gmail will always send and receive messages over TLS, unless the connecting service doesn’t support it.
    • Messages that aren’t properly authenticated with either Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DKIM will display a question mark in place of the profile photo, corporate logo or avatar.
  • Notification settings and more in the latest Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps
    • Receive mobile notifications when a Drive file is shared with you or someone requests access to a Drive file you own.
    • View named ranges and quickly navigate to their locations in the Google Sheets app for Android.
  • A new version of the Google Drive for Android app
    • A new menu icon next to a file or folder will pop up a set of contextual actions to take on the file or folder.
    • View trash and delete or restore files.
    • When viewing the Shared With Me view, see the avatars of the person who has shared with you.
  • Rich text formatting and instant RSVPs in the Gmail for Android app
    • Rich Text Formatting: bolditalicizeunderlineadd text colorchange text background, and remove formatting. Long press to select it and tap the 'format' option, next to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’.
    • Instant RSVPs: Calendar invitations include a one-tap option to show your schedule and respond.