Google Daily Bulletin - Phase 1 - Tuesday, May 15

posted May 16, 2012, 8:26 AM by Rita Girardi   [ updated May 17, 2012, 7:51 PM ]

We will provide daily updates after each major phase of the project until technical issues and support issues return to a moderate level. The Phase 1 migration occurred this past weekend. This email details the activities completed during the second business day of operation.

Migration Summary
  • Messages (IMAP and Exchange) succeeded/attempted: 35,649,662 / 35,671,469
  • Accuracy rate: 99.94%
  • Calendar events (Exchange) succeeded/attempted: 2,624,340 / 2,654,882
  • Accuracy rate: 98.85%

Transition Desk Summary
DateTransition Desk Tickets
Saturday, May 1232
Sunday, May 1329
Monday, May 14195
Tuesday, May 15113

Google Guide Summary
Student Google Guides were on-site at 21 locations on Tuesday. The number of on-site support personnel ranged from one to five depending on the location and unit preference.
Over 66 faculty and staff were provided assistance by Google Guides. The topics of the support questions that were covered included:
  • Email: 65
  • Calendar: 23
  • Mobile device set-up: 20
  • Collaboration tools: 7

Here are the issues that are still open from Monday or new today:
  • Resource calendars migrated from Meeting Maker and Exchange are not showing events.
    Calendars migrated from Meeting Maker are not appearing on the resource calendar in Google.  These meetings are however appearing on the people’s calendars.
    • Corrective Action:  Analysis is still underway. The Google technical team is continuing to work with units to collect additional information.
  • Some groups used to share resources have distorted names

When some users were creating new events in Google calendar and adding groups, the names are changing into distorted names.  

    • Corrective Action:  Analysis is still underway.  A ticket has been submitted to Google.
  • Additional requests for Departmental Accounts are in-progress
    Units have identified additional Departmental Accounts that are needed.
    • Corrective Action:  The units are submitting requests for these departmental accounts and the accounts are being added.

Closed Issues
  • Incomplete migration of some large calendar events
    Instructions were provided to these users and/or their administrative assistants to complete a comparison of the old Exchange calendar with the new Google calendar and add any missing events.
  • EECS email did not migrate to user account
    Re-migration was completed on Sunday night.
  • Some users received declined conference rooms invitations
    The owner of the resource needs to go into the calendar and accept the meeting invites.  
  • Slow processing in MCommunity
    This will be completed prior to the June 18 migration.
  • Some users did not get migrated over the weekend
    The mini-migration for those users that were missed will be completed next week.
  • Sponsored Affiliates cannot self-migrate at this time
    Sponsored Affiliates will be migrated later this week or early next week.

Although there are no major open issues, there are enough minor open issues to warrant a Day Three report on Wednesday.