Google Drive Update

posted Oct 30, 2012, 11:00 AM by Rita Girardi
Google recently released its timeframe for the end of the opt-out phase for Google Drive:
  • From 8th November, Google will begin showing a banner to all users who have opted out and are using the old look for Docs. The banner will read “The old look of Google Docs will be going away soon - Upgrade” and will include a link to allow users to switch to the Drive web interface.
  • From 15th November, users who have opted out will be automatically switched over to the new Drive web interface. Users can still switch back to the old Docs look (by clicking the gears icon and selecting 'Temporarily use the old look"). If users revert to the old look, they will again see the banner advising them that the old look is going away.
  • From 29th November, all users who have reverted to the old Docs look will be switched to the Drive web interface again for the last time. At this time, the ability to switch back to the old Docs look will be disabled and the new Drive web interface will be mandatory for all users.
Users switching to the Drive interface will not be presented with welcome screens advising them that they are now on the new interface.