Google Umich Domain Authentication

posted Jan 11, 2012, 1:00 PM by Rita Girardi

What: Google umich domain authentication
When: January 12, 2012
Why: to implement Single Sign On services (SSO)
Who: All users currently provisioned in the Google umich domain
Action: No action required from unit IT. See below for additional end user instructions.


Users currently provisioned in the Google umich domain will see their authentication switch from Google's authentication system to the university's weblogin system on January 12. Users currently include U-M’s pre-pilot users and former Team Edition accounts. Authentication for users with consumer accounts will not be affected.

After provisioned users attempt to authenticate from, the password page will say "continue" instead of “sign-in.” Users will click "continue" and be redirected to for authentication. Alternatively, users can access Google services directly by adding "/a/" to the end of the service URL. For example: