Improvements Coming to Sheets

posted Feb 19, 2015, 7:56 AM by Jennifer Mruk
Google has announced changes to the protected sheets and ranges functionality in Sheets, which is intended to provide a deeper level of control when locking sections of content in a spreadsheet. The improvements include:
  • Ability to lock down all content in a Sheet except for a particular cell or range
  • Faster set up with the ability to re-use the same permissions you previously chose on a different set of cells
  • Ability to quickly lock down a sheet or range to a single person, a small number of people, or a domain
Google has also made it easier to improve your invoices, reports, or other spreadsheets with images or logos, in the frozen sections. To insert an image in a frozen section of a Sheet, select a cell in the row and click Insert > Image. The image can then be resized and moved as appropriate. Note that this feature only works in the new Google Sheets.