Making Email Safer With New Security Warnings in Gmail

posted Aug 26, 2016, 11:38 AM by Amanda Hudeck

We all know that phishing and unauthenticated emails are a big problem today. Google has been working diligently to make it easier to catch malicious emails before they can do damage. Now, when you’re on the web or Android, if you get a message that can’t be authenticated via Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), you’ll see a question mark instead of the sender’s profile picture, business logo, or avatar.

On the web, messages with a link to a dangerous site known for phishing, malware, and unwanted software will show warnings when you click on the link. The warnings are an extension of Safe Browsing protection, which is available to various web browsers. The full-page warning looks like this:

Please note: Not all affected email will be dangerous. We encourage you to be extra careful about replying to, or clicking on, links in messages that you’re not sure about. These updates will help you to make these kinds of decisions.

The Collaboration Services Team

Tip: Did you know? You can add a personalized background theme to your Gmail.

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