March 5 Day 3 Report

posted Mar 7, 2012, 8:41 PM by Rita Girardi
We will provide daily updates after each major phase of the project until technical issues and support issues return to a moderate level.  This report covers Days 2 and 3.

Migration Status

Students, Retirees, U-M Online Subscribers, and December 2011 graduates were provided with access to the Migration Assistant on March 5 to migrate their IMAP mail and/or contacts into their new Google account.  The information in the table below provides an update on the migration status for those that have used the Migration Assistant.

Monday, March 5 - 10:30 pm

Tuesday, March 6 - 10:00 pm

Wednesday, March 7 - 10:00 pm
In Queue












  • In-Queue:  Migration Assistant has been submitted and account is waiting to be migrated.
  • Migrating:  Accounts that are currently in the migration process.  Based on the number and size of the emails, the migration can take hours or days.
  • Done:  Total accounts that have completed the migration process.

    Support Summary

    The information below shows the number of tickets submitted to the Transition Desk during the first three days of the March 5 Go-Live.  As shown below, the number of calls are decreasing.

    Monday, March 5

    Tuesday, March 6

    Wednesday, March 7
    Tier 1




    Escalated to Tier 2




    Escalated to Tier 3




    Updated Issues

    • No additional issues with the Transition Desk call volume.  
    • No additional issues with the IMAP backend servers.  As the IMAP load goes down, additional GAMME servers can be set-up.  Additional GAMME servers allow additional data to be migrated from the IMAP servers into the new Google accounts.  This causes a reduction in the number of accounts in the queue as shown above.
    • On Monday, 3,256 users were identified as not being loaded into the Migration Assistant to complete their self-serve migration.  
      • Update:  1112 of these users were Emeritus faculty.  The faculty/staff role for the Emeritus faculty overrode the retiree role and the Emeritus faculty were placed into “All Tools except Email and Calendar”.  Also, due to their other affiliations, such as student, another 157 Emeritus faculty were loaded into the Migration Assistant and are able to self-migrate.  Communications were sent out to these Emeritus faculty on Wednesday letting them know of the changes.
      • Update:  The remaining users that were not loaded into the Migration Assistant were either affiliated with the Health System or had another role within a unit that prevented self-migration.  The Health System affiliation was previously noted in their communications so no additional communication is required.  Those with another role received cascaded communications from their unit leads.
    • 13,000 additional users were loaded into the Migration Assistant that did not receive communications.
      • Update: An analysis is still required regarding the affiliation of these users.  Once identified, communications will be sent to them notifying them of the new service.
    • Thirty-seven (37) users were not provisioned from MCommunity into the proper sub-org.
      • Update:  Users will be manually moved into the correct sub-org and loaded into the Migration Assistant on Thursday.  Communications to these affected users will go out on Thursday.
    • Ninety-nine (99) users not provisioned from MCommunity to Google.
      • Update:  Users were manually provisioned into Google on Wednesday and will be loaded into the Migration Assistant on Thursday.  Communications to these affected users will go out on Thursday.  In the short term, MCommunity will run a report each morning to identify any newly affected users.  These users will be manually provisioned.  In the long term, a fix to the connector tool will be developed, tested, and applied.
    • IMAP contacts not being reported as complete.
      • Update: The short term fix has been put in-place to identify the orphaned contacts and show them as completed.  The long term solution has been developed and is being tested in QA.  Once the migration requests slow, this fix can be put into production.  
    • NEW.  Eighty (80) emeritus users were provisioned into “All Tools” sub-org that should be in restricted.
      • Update:  This was caused by stale HR data in MCommunity. Those users have received instructions on the Migration Assistant. None of them have utilized the Migration Assistant and only six have logged into Google.  These users will be placed into the correct sub-org by the end of the week.


        With 113,077 of the 113,293 faculty, staff, students, retirees, U-M online subscribers, and December 2011 graduates being provisioned into their correct Google sub-org, this calculates to a 99.81% accuracy for provisioning.  The 216 users will be moved into their correct sub-org by the end of the week.

        Since there are no major open issues, there will be no additional daily bulletins for the March 5 Go-Live.  The next daily bulletin will be sent Monday, April 9 following the next migration - Phase 1 Staff Google Guides and Unit IT Staff.