MCommunity/M+Google Group Sync Update

posted May 11, 2012, 2:16 PM by Rita Girardi   [ updated May 11, 2012, 2:17 PM ]

Synchronization of existing MCommunity groups to M+Google is, for the most part, finished. You can share M+Google resources with MCommunity groups by using the group’s email address.

More than 83,600 groups were synchronized successfully to M+Google. About 1,000 groups did not synchronize. The MCommunity Team is working through the list of groups that did not synchronize to either fix errors or work with the group owners as needed to get them synchronized.

Changes made to MCommunity groups are automatically synchronized to M+Google. Newly created MCommunity groups are added to M+Google, and groups deleted from MCommunity are deleted from M+Google.

Please note that synchronization of group changes, creations, and deletions from MCommunity to M+Google is not instantaneous. The updated information is sent to Google and then processed within M+Google. This process takes several minutes -- and sometimes longer -- to complete. Processing time varies based on the size of the group, overall load on the systems, and other factors.

For details about the synchronization, see Synchronization of MCommunity Directory Groups to Google UMICH (R1466).
Additional group functionality will be available later this summer when MCommunity group settings (including privacy) are synchronized to M+Google.

Questions about the MCommunity Directory and M+Google Apps can be directed to the ITS Service Center.