More Options in Sheets

posted Jun 25, 2015, 11:30 AM by Jennifer Mruk
Updates to Google Sheets on the web allows users to more easily customize charts, display data in new ways, and be more confident about changes made by collaborators.

Customized charts, made easier
Charts make large data sets digestible, so Google has made some improvements to help people highlight their most important data. Improvements include:
  • Data labels to help display the exact values of bars and points in charts.
  • Options for different shapes and symbols for data points in both line and scatter charts.
  • Ability to move and resize charts more easily.

Data, displayed better
This release also includes new tools for analyzing spreadsheet data. For example, people can:
  • Preview the results of a formula, including any formula errors, instantly as they type.
  • Filter rows and columns by conditions, including “less than,” “greater than,” “text contains,” “date after,” and more.
  • Add calculated fields to pivot tables in order to apply formulas to pivot table data.
  • Use the GETPIVOTDATA function to retrieve data from a pivot table.

Collaborate, confidently
Users already have the ability to restrict who can edit an entire worksheet or range of cells using the protected sheets and ranges features. In order to reduce the number of unintended changes collaborators that do have permission to edit cells make, typos for example, this release includes the ability to warn collaborators who attempt to edit certain cells. This feature makes collaborating easier as owners won't need to set up complicated permissions in their document.