New for Sheets: Trendlines & copy/paste charts

posted Aug 20, 2014, 5:15 AM by Rita Girardi

UMICH users will soon see a couple new Sheets features:

  • People creating charts in Sheets will now have the ability to add trendlines--lines superimposed on charts revealing the overall direction of the data. Trendlines can be styled with different colors and line thicknesses, and can be displayed as an item in the legend. They are available for scatter plot, bar, column, and line charts. For more info:
  • You will also be able to copy and paste high-fidelity, fully functional charts inside the same spreadsheet and between spreadsheets. When copying inside the same spreadsheet, the original data is used, so updating any data updates the chart. When copying between spreadsheets, a copy of the data is used, so no data is linked and updating the original data does not affect the chart. For more info: