UPDATE: Google Apps Sync and Outlook Calendar

posted Dec 16, 2014, 10:32 AM by Jennifer Mruk
Versions 3.2 or older of the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft (GASMO) client will stop working after January 12, 2015. This means that the calendar sync features in Outlook will also stop working until users upgrade to the most recent version of GASMO. The GASMO software is usually auto-updated as Google releases new versions, however one of the following situations could prevent the auto-update:
  • The Google Update functionality is disabled
  • The GASMO Enterprise MSI is installed, which does not auto-update
  • The GASMO client is failing to auto-update
You can find GASMO version information in the "Add/Remove Programs" list in Windows. Neighborhood IT will contact users on MiWorkspace machines with outdated versions of GASMO and update their software individually. Users not on MiWorkspace machines should download the latest version of GASMO (3.5.385.1020) before January 12, 2015.