Creating Resources & Event Calendars

(The prefix table is located here To register a new prefix, send a message to, stating the requested prefix(es) and the name of your U-M organization. Please allow at least 1 business day for your account to be created.)

U-M Google Departmental Resources 

U-M Google resources are physical resources (such as conference rooms or loaner laptops) that can be booked using the “Rooms, etc.” area in the calendar invite. To create an U-M Google resource send a request to

    Naming Scheme
                    Building-RoomNumber-other (if needed)
                     example: ArborLakes-Bldg3-1330
                    example: ITS-AL-Projector-1

*The key object with naming are highlighted above in bold.

Event Calendars

Event calendars are resources that are not physical and cannot be “booked” like U-M Google resources -- for example, a unit vacation calendar. They are created and shared by the owner as secondary calendars. Calendar creation occurs either within the owner’s account in their calendar area or off a shared account to which the owner (or local IT) has rights.

We recommend that event calendars be created off of shared accounts instead of individual accounts because calendars owned by an individual's account would be deleted when that person is no longer affiliated with the university.

To create an event calendar select the drop down arrow next to “My Calendar,” and select “Create new calendar.” Event calendars are available to users after the owner assigns rights to them. They will be viewable to others in either the “Other calendars” section or, if given full delegation rights, under the “My calendars” area of their calendar view. 

There is no set naming standard for these resources but we advise the owners to follow the same naming scheme established for Google resources.