Managing Shared Calendars & Resource Calendars

Shared accounts include their own M+Google Calendar. Following are instructions, best practices and suggestions for managing a shared calendar. 

To request a shared account, please see the steps on this page.

Creating a Shared Account Calendar
Once a shared account is created, individuals who are owners of the associated MCommunity group will be provided with the account's password. Using that password, individuals can log into the Shared Account directly to create calendars.

Sharing a Shared Account Calendar
Once a shared calendar is created, individuals who manage the shared account can share the account's calendars with other individuals or MCommunity Groups. For information on sharing calendars with MCommunity Groups, see Sharing an M+Google Resource with a Group

Sharing Calendars:
  • While hovering over the calendar name, click the down-arrow next to the calendar name and then select Share this calendar.
  • Enter the email address of the individual or group you wish to share the calendar with.
  • Choose the appropriate Share setting and then click Save.

Share Settings:
  • If individuals or groups need to see event details, choose See all event details.
  • If individuals or groups need to manage events on the shared calendar, choose Make changes to events.
    • Note: Individuals often accidentally delete events from a shared account's calendar thinking the event is on their individual calendar. When changing or deleting events from calendars, be careful that you are doing so in the correct calendar.
  • If individuals or groups need to manage access to the calendar, choose Make changes AND manage sharing.
  • For details on calendar sharing, see Google's Support page.  

Managing Group Membership in Mcommunity:
Shared account passwords are shared only with the MCommunity group owners and the owner will then share the calendar login and password with individuals in the group. Only the owner of the MCommunity Group can change membership to that group. Please see Making Changes to a Group for more information on how to change membership of an MCommunity Group.  Also see Responsibilities of Group Owners to effectively support the ownership of your MCommunity Group. 

A resource calendar is a calendar attached to M+Google physical resources such as conference rooms and loaner laptops. 

Creating a Resource Calendar
The creation of a resource calendar takes place through a ticket to 4HELP. This request will be handled by the Collaboration Team, as will any request to make changes to the resource calendar. Units can add other managing groups to their Resource calendar. 

Naming Scheme: Requester (s) should following the naming scheme explained below. The key object with naming are highlighted below in bold. 

Room Resource:
Building-RoomNumber-other if needed
example: ArborLakes-Bldg3-1330

Departmental Resource:
example: ITS-AL-Projector-1

Owning a Resource Calendar:
Resource calendars can be managed the same way they would for individual calendars. Owners must adhere to local policies and best practices. 

Share Settings:

  • We recommend keeping the default settings for Resource calendars as is:
    • Free/busy information set to visible. 
    • Share calendar with others should be checked.
    • Make calendar public is set to "no".
    • Share this calendar with everyone at U-M should be set to "yes".
  • All staff MCommunity Groups should have "All Details" share settings for Resource calendars. 
  • Share Resource calendars with MCommunity groups. We do not recommend sharing Resource calendars at an individual level. 
  • Be sure to select "private" for the Privacy option inside the calendar event when scheduling a sensitive meeting with an individual.