Questions & Answers


Can I access my M+Google Mail and Calendar on my mobile device?

Yes, Google supports mobile access on BlackBerry/iPhone/Windows Mobile/Android devices. For information on getting Google Apps on your device, see the Mobile Devices section.

Can I get SMS alerts for my M+Google calendar on my mobile device?

Yes, you can enable mobile notifications in Google Calendar (U.S. only). For details, see the Google Help Center .

What about security issues in regard to using my mobile device to access Google services?

Faculty and staff should never maintain sensitive regulated data on personally owned mobile devices. Users, including students, wishing to synch their M+Google email account to their mobile device (smart phone, tablet) must ensure that their device is, at a minimum, protected by a password or pin. Please visit the U-M Safe Computing mobile device security site for additional privacy and security best practices -


How do I set up my BlackBerry after the migration?

The project team has deployed a Blackberry Enterprise server for Google. It is available for faculty and staff only and will use the same set-up method as the one currently running for Exchange accounts. Request access by sending an email to, and note in your message that you have migrated to Google.

Is there a contacts and calendar sync utility for BlackBerry?

Yes. BlackBerry users can download the BlackBerry sync tool from the Google Mobile Support site.